About Us

About Us

The best service is always local

In a world that's become increasingly interconnected, there's something extraordinary about local service. It's more than just geography; it's an understanding of your unique needs and sharing the same high expectations. Local has been a part of your journey from the start, and it will continue to evolve with you.

Asian Vision: Your Trusted Local Partner

At Asian Vision, we proudly embrace our local roots. As a homegrown company deeply ingrained in the communities we serve, we stand for the fundamental values of excellence, innovation, and reliability. For over four decades, these principles have guided us as we connected homes to the world.

A Legacy of Connectivity

Our journey began in 1973, when we brought cable TV to underserved towns in Batangas, Quezon, and Zambales. In 2005, we ventured into providing Cable Broadband Internet. Today, we're leading the way in delivering Fiber Internet – a high-speed, uncapped solution for schools, hotels, government offices, hospitals, and industries.

A Trusted Family Brand

For nearly half a century, Asian Vision has remained the trusted choice for those who seek quality, localized service. We're not just a company; we're family to our communities.

Our Unique Value Proposition:

As a wholly Filipino-owned and operated company, we've been delivering quality consumer technology services for over four decades. Our passion lies in enhancing homes and lives by offering entertainment, information, and communication connectivity and access.

Making Quality Connections

Our Mission: To provide our residential and commercial customers with the best possible data and video connections customized to their specific needs

Our Vision: To increase our communities’ information edge and economic competitiveness by bringing them closer to the rest of the world

Our Journey: A Timeline of 
Our Company's Milestones

At our company, we take pride in our journey and the milestones we have achieved along the way. From humble beginnings to where we are today, we have strived to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional experiences to our customers. Join us as we take you through the timeline of our company's progress and growth.



Began its operations in Olongapo City then known as Colorview CATV



Expanded staring in Batangas City known as Batangas CATV



Expanded starting in Lucena City then known as Quezon CATV


Offered Internet and bundle service as Click Internet in Olongapo


Offered Internet and bundle service as Click Internet in Olongapo


Offered Internet and bundle service as Click Internet in Batangas


Offered Internet and bundle service as Click Internet in Quezon


Rebranded as MyCATV using Kabundle Mo sa Buhay tagline


Rebranded as ASIAN VISION in all its areas until present