Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to ensuring you have an exceptional customer experience and understanding the significance of your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and share your personal data when you engage with our products and services. Please note that this policy applies to all Asian Vision products and services without individual privacy policies. We recommend periodic reviews, as this policy is subject to changes reflecting updates in laws, regulations, and our internal policies.

1. Processing Personal Data

Performance of Contract: We process your personal data to fulfill our contractual obligations to you. For instance, when you apply for our services, we collect data to verify your identity and assess your credit history for billing and fee collection purposes.

Legitimate Interests: We process personal data based on our legitimate interests to enhance business operations, improve products and services, and ensure security. This includes analyzing network usage, managing accounts, providing customer support, and planning for future growth.

Consent: With your consent, we process data for direct marketing purposes, sending customized offers through channels like SMS, voice calls, and email. We also process information, including online behavior, to place advertisements on popular social media platforms.

Legal Requirements: We process information to comply with legal obligations, such as credit scoring programs, sharing information with the Credit Information Corporation, and fulfilling other legal and regulatory requirements

Enhanced Usage Profile: With your consent, we may collect additional information from third-party sources to create an enhanced usage profile. This helps us understand preferences for targeted product recommendations, special offers, and promotions

2. Disclosure of Personal Data

We ensure confidential and secure disclosure of personal data in compliance with privacy laws.

Never Shared, Rented, or Sold: Your personal data is never shared, rented, or sold to third parties outside the Asian Vision Group, except when provide consent or as described in this policy.

Circumstances of Disclosure: Personal data may be disclosed to agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners, and third-party service providers as necessary for regular business operations. This includes courier services, customer contact centers, subsidiaries, and affiliates.

Legal and Government Authorities: Disclosure to law enforcement and government agencies occurs only when required by laws, regulations, and laws and processes.

3. Data Protection Measures

Integrity and Security: We enforce our privacy statement information within Asian Vision and affiliates, implementing technical, organizational, and physical security measures to prevent unauthorized supervisory acces, alteration, disclosure, and misuse.

Safeguards: Safeguards include secured servers, encryption, limited data retention, restricted access, regular audits, and notification protocols in case of data breaches.

Data Update and Accuracy: You have the right to update your securely, ensuring the accuracy of our records.

4. Rights and Complaints

Data Subject Rights: You have the right to object to processing and, where applicable, withdraw consent. You can exercise these rights by contacting our Data Privacy Officer.

Complaints Resolution: We encourage individuals to first seek resolution with Asian Vision for any privacy-related complaints. If unsatisfied, you have the right to register a complaint with the relevant authority or initiate legal proceedings.