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B2S Level Up Your Speed Promo!

October 23, 2023

Promotion Details:

The promo will offer a free upgrade to a faster internet plan for a limited time. The exact speed of the upgraded plan will vary depending on the customer's chosen plan. A customer who chooses a 50Mbps plan may be eligible for a free upgrade to an 80Mbps plan for 12 months and still pay the same price. That gives a P200 savings/ mo or P2400 savings for a year. A customer who chooses an 80Mbps plan may be eligible for a free upgrade to a 120Mbps plan for 12 months and pay the same MSF as well.


1. The promo is to be offered only to new customers particularly students and teachers who are interested in subscribing to a high-speed fiber internet plan. These customers are likely to be looking for a good deal on a fast and reliable internet plan. The promo addresses both the need for a higher speed and affordability.

2. Since the prospects should be exclusive only to students and teachers, we will be requiring for an ID or any proof that the prospect is currently enrolled.

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